Bella Notte Italian Restaurant Comes to Hialeah Park Casino

Bella Notte Italian Restaurant Comes to Hialeah Park Casino

Bella Notte Italian Restaurant Comes to Hialeah Park Casino






Date: September 24, 2013


MIAMI, FL, September 24, 2013 – Nestled within the new and state-of-the-art Hialeah Park Casino lies a fine Italian eatery where every dish is transcendent in presentation and taste. Boasting 30 years of experience with several successful establishments in New York City, Italy and the Sunshine State, highly esteemed and award-winning restaurateurs Piero Filpi and Marcello Sindoni bring to you Bella Notte Italian Restaurant, a proud addition to Hialeah Park’s bold plan to deliver the greatest in nightlife, gaming and dining to South Florida.

Translated to “Beautiful Night,” Bella Notte is envisioned by the Italian born Filpi and Sindoni as a place where patrons can enjoy a moment’s respite from the fast-paced action of gaming.  The clientele will indulge in a delectable menu featuring an array of classic Italian dishes while gazing at the magnificent gardens and fountains of Hialeah Park – designed by award-winning architect Raymond Jungles.

Time-honored cooking and a steadfast adherence to family recipes are paramount to Filpi and Sindoni. Their fine cuisine includes a delicious Linguine Frutti di Mare, tender and delicate Veal Marsala and their award-winning Risotto Seafood; all accented by an impressive selection of wines and decadent desserts.

With rousing success, Bella Note Italian Restaurant brings to Hialeah Park Casino the authentic tastes of Southern Italy.

President of Hialeah Park, John Brunetti Jr., said, “We at Hialeah Park Casino understand the importance of the consumer’s experience and are elated to have top rated restaurateurs at the head of this project.”

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