Hialeah Park Welcomes America’s First Series Devoted to Empowering Today’s Modern Day Latina, Merrick Park

Hialeah Park Welcomes America’s First Series Devoted to Empowering Today’s Modern Day Latina, Merrick Park




Hialeah Park Welcomes America’s First Series Devoted to Empowering Today’s Modern Day Latina, Merrick Park

(Miami, Florida, August 20, 2014) Hialeah Park Racing & Casino, the iconic, historic, and internationally recognized race track in Miami-Dade County, Florida, announces the filming of Merrick Park TV’s debut pilot on its landmark premises.

 Merrick Park TV is the brainchild of former Fortune 500 Corporate Executive, Aymee Zubizarreta. Unlike other shows in the mainstream media, this scripted, English language web series depicts today’s bilingual, bicultural, upscale Latinas as well-educated, career minded professionals who assertively seek their own version of the American Dream.

“Television and the web help shape and influence how we view ourselves and how others view us. I decided to write this series to help educate, inspire, and empower like-minded Latinas through their own personal acculturation process here in the United States,” Zubizarreta commented.

Hialeah Park Racing & Casino supports empowering the next generation of women and Latinas through ongoing outreach to civic leaders and businesswomen in the area.

“The show’s professionals have demonstrated visionary leadership in their guiding principles,” said Frank Fiore, Hialeah Park’s Vice President of Marketing and Entertainment. “A renovated Hialeah Park –including our new state-of-the-art Casino– and the beautiful grounds of this venue will provide a perfect backdrop for the show.”

“Hialeah Park has served as the backdrop for many movies and movie stars including a personal favorite, the Godfather,” Fiore added. “Over the years, Hialeah Park has hosted Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Winston Churchill, Joe DiMaggio, and so many other icons and personalities who helped shape previous generations.”

“Being able to work on a show that will empower women and create role models for the next generation of women of all ethnic backgrounds is extremely fulfilling,” said Aymee Zubizarreta. “Giving back to the community and helping to shape tomorrow’s leaders is a priority for me.” Prior to launching the series, Zubizarreta developed her professional skills in corporate America and has mentored through Women of Tomorrow.


(Daniela Silva “Liannet”, Elena Sanchez “Lulu”, Stephanie Torres “Dr. Maritza”)


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For more information about the series, Merrick Park, please visit www.MerrickPark.TV or the plana zubizarretA group (Zubi_Group”), http://www.planazubizarretagroup.com