Vivian Casáls-Muñoz Relishes New Role As Director Of Events At Hialeah Park

Vivian Casáls-Muñoz Relishes New Role As Director Of Events At Hialeah Park




Vivian Casáls-Muñoz Relishes New Role As Director Of Events At Hialeah Park

Lifelong Hialeah Resident Brings Wealth Of Expertise To Hialeah Park Racing & Casino
Will Coordinate All On-Site Events, Develop New Relationships In The City Of Hialeah


Hialeah, FL / July 11, 2014 – With a deep passion and an infectious enthusiasm for “all things Hialeah Park” that go back to the days of her youth, longtime Hialeah businesswoman Vivian Casáls-Muñoz is a perfect fit in her new position as Director of Events at Hialeah Park Racing & Casino.

“When the Brunetti family offered the opportunity to join their team at Hialeah Park, it seemed like a logical next step for me to incorporate my business experience and passion for the park into a great situation,” Casáls-Muñoz said. “I am grateful that the Brunetti family has given me a key position in Hialeah Park’s exciting future!”

Casáls-Muñoz came to Hialeah with her family at the age of 4. She grew up in the city and graduated from Hialeah High School before embarking on a professional career that has included time in the title and real estate industry, a role as Executive Director of the Chamber of Commerce, a commitment to political and civic involvement, and now Director of Events at this iconic South Florida landmark.

“When Hialeah Park re-opened in 2009, I started promoting the park as a great venue for the people and businesses of the community,” Casáls-Muñoz added. “I have always believed that Hialeah Park is the economic engine of the City of Hialeah because of the number of jobs it produces and the dollar flow it generates throughout the entire area.” 

“My role will be to continue to encourage families and businesses to have their events at Hialeah Park once again,” Casáls-Muñoz said. “There was a time when every quinceañera was here, every high school senior took their photos here, and every couple would have their wedding reception here,” she reminisced. “That’s the message I want to spread! You can come back to Hialeah Park, with your children and their children too.”

In her new role, Casáls-Muñoz is already reaching out to businesses and families in the community, establishing new relationships in neighboring cities, and scheduling events at the park She can be contacted in her new office at Hialeah Park by phone at (786) 483-7478 or by email at