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Electronic Table Games Blackjack & Roulette

Lucky Big Wheel

Equipped with the world’s largest BIG WHEEL of its kind, players are able to independently spin the wheel by pulling the actuating lever themselves. With payouts as high as 50 to 1, players are sure to love this exciting electronic rendition of the classic ‘Big 6 Wheel’.


Table Master Fusion Blackjack brings the excitement of a live table game to a fully electronic platform. Realistic gameplay is replicated with video dealers and electronic cards creating an easy, fun and exciting way to offer the game of blackjack. The five player stations feature the traditional game of blackjack and offer multiple side bet options. Hialeah Park is the first casino in the world to have these brand new blackjack games!


Vegas Star Live Roulette is an exciting automated roulette game featuring live video dealers, live ball drop and enticing graphics that create an engaging atmosphere for players. Vegas Star Live features a fully electro-mechanical roulette wheel that offers the same game as traditional live table roulette and all wagering made on a touchscreen terminal. Vegas Star Live is a fun and easy game for all players to enjoy roulette!