Racing Legends

Past Owners

James H. Bright

Joseph E. Widener

John C. Clark

Eugene E. Mori

John W. Galbreath

John J. Brunetti Sr.


Hialeah Park will always be known as the thoroughbred race course where champions made history.

Collectively over the years, champion horses helped crown Hialeah Park the Jewel of Thoroughbred Racing. Horses who won at Hialeah often took their show on the road, winning major stakes races all across the country. A victory in Hialeah's Flamingo Stakes often meant you were a major player for that year's Kentucky Derby. A win in the Widener Handicap stamped you as a force to be reckoned with in the battle for Horse of the Year.

Over the years, Hialeah Park has witnessed some of the most historic moments in the world of racing, celebrating victory and triumph year after year.

The list of champions who raced at Hialeah Park includes numerous horses elected to the Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame. For those who used Hialeah Park as a means to racing immortality, there is a special place in the track's history. Here is a sampling of some of those champions: